P1030558P1030549P1030595P1030576P1030577P1030564P1030540P1030582Coat: Zara (here, here similar) |  Shirt: Zara (here, here similar) |  Jeans: GAP |  Sneakers: New Balance |  Handbag: YSL |  Sunglasses: Ray-ban |  Lips: Shiseido-Diva

I think it’s almost the last few weeks of wearing coats. Although I prefer not to, no doubt it’s always the best piece to give your outfit a pop-up. I am repeating this striped shirt from last post. Today is kind of sporty casual style, so I paired up with New Balance sneakers. Hope this is not too late to wear in this way. lol~~~

Sent on a Saturday night and thanks so much for reading! Have a great weekend my friends! 




P1030348P1030314 P1030327 P1030283 P1030225 P1030205Shirt: ZARA (herehere similar) |  Jacket: H&M (here, here similar) |  Pants: Banana Republic |  Shoes: Converse |  Handbag: Guess (mine is old, here is similar) |  Sunglasses: Ray-ban |  Lips: Chanel – light rose 

Sorry guys! I lied about something in my last post which I was unable to show you the gorgeous cherry blossoms shots. I have been very busy lately. Please understand that I have a full time working shift (trying to find an excuse, huh?!).

I am continuing to wear my striped shirt as this is my all time favorite with no reason. It’s so comfy and easy to pair with. I am inspired by many other bloggers recently styled with parka jackets so I decided to wear this navy parka. As a matter of fact, I can barely find thinner jackets in my closet since usually I just don’t wear it when in this kind of 60 degree weather. 



P1030161 P1030155 P1030120 P1030096 P1030100 P1030105P1030095

Sweater: H&M (I also love this) |  Bottoms: Banana Republic |  Sunnies: Tom Ford |  Handbag: Louis Vuitton (similar) |  Shoes: Steve Madden |  Lips: YSL (13 Pink In Paris) |  

Almost Say good-bye to winter sadly – Yes winter is my favourite season (many of you may disagree?)!!! But as you can see the view is so nice with green fields and cherry blossoms everywhere. Wow, It’s so refreshing and I really indulge in the scene. I started to fall in love with spring by surrounding in here. Nevertheless, I got less chance to wear BLACK as we definitely need some more spring tone to catch up with the season. Argh~ gotta get my wallet and credit card ready again!

Sorry that I was not able to update my blog regularly as this week I was fed up with appointments and being busy. Next week, I plan to go Vancouver west to take photo shootings. There are the most amazing cherry blossoms views on earth that you can never miss. Stay tuned! Btw, I was looking for a new camera with good lenses. Any suggestions? Thanks guys!



P1020831 P1020951 P1020969 P1020984

mmexport1425535139630P1030013 P1030038P1030074P1030079P1030051

I had a short trip with my family in Seattle for a couple of days. We had fun during this little getaway although it was exhausting as we walked a lot at many places. Vancouver and Seattle are very close by. After crossing border, our first stop is Premium Outlets in Marysville, WA, which is about 30 minutes away from Seattle downtown. We shop for 2 hours and I got nothing beside some photo shootings. Honestly the price is getting so high and it’s not worth to buy anything at all. So we decide to leave the place. We drive straight to Seattle downtown. We check-in at Sheraton and drop off all the carry-on belongings (We booked our hotel thru priceline and it’s such a good deal, yeah~). It ‘s already evening, we are starving so we look for food. I am craving for Asian food and we found a decent Asian fushion restaurant just a few blocks away from hotel. Food is tasty and I had the best ever jasmine white rice – very satisfied and full. We wander around to pike market after dinner to explore some nigh life fun of Seattle. Half an hour later every of us is very tired after the long day so we go back to hotel at 9 pm and take some rest.

The next morning after checking-out our hotel, we come to Fairmont Seattle for breakfast. It is classic vintage environment as other Fairmonts which I really love! The food portion is so big and none of us can finish the whole meal. Finish feeding our stomach, we are back to the pike place market again. I think I have a crush on the ferris wheels as I just cannot stop taking pictures of it. We walk along the harbour for about 1 hour and then head back to the shopping district. I am so in love with the downtown Norstrom as there are lots of luxury designers’ item I can never get enough. I am so excited to try this and that but end up with no luck. We continue to walk in other department stores and shopping malls and bought some reasonable priced clothings and stuff finally. It’s almost 5 pm and we decide to end the trip by driving back to Vancouver as Sunday nights are always busy at border. We are trying to avoid the peak time to save from the wait.

We are home safely and everything is smooth. Even thought I have been to Seattle many times but I treasure the moment I spent with my family during this little getaway! It really gives me some break to relax from the busy daily work. I am looking forward to my next trip and will share with you guys! Good night!