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 Sweater: Club Monaco |  Shirt: J.Crew |  Jeans: Topshop |  Sneakers: Nike |  Denim: Gap |  Sunglasses: Ray-ban |  Handbag: Ralph Lauren (I stole this from Mom and here is similar) 

Hope everyone had a wonderful holidays! So sad that Santa has gone for the year but there will be New Year’s Day coming up very soon. We spent Christmas day with our families. We had a delicious X’mas dinner. 

Have you opened your X’mas gifts? Did you get something you really love or have been always wanting? I got many gift cards which is very useful for myself and besides that, ways too much chocolates. I must go back to gym some time next week.

I wear this sweater which I found at Club Monaco last week. It comes with 2 colours – white and navy and it was so hard for me to choose in between. Since this is a little bit too short for me so I wear a shirt as bottom. When I stay outdoor, I threw on a denim jacket to keep warmer but overall, this is not a COLD Christmas. 




Blazer: Zara |  T shirt: H&M (old, here similar) |  Pants: Guess (identical) |  Heels: Zara |  Chain bag: Guess (similar) |  Sunglasses: Ray-ban
I forced myself to update my blog tonight because I know I won’t have time the next few days. We got some gathering/holiday parties since last week and one thing I was so upset is my husband lost his cell phone. I am so sad because there are so many photos we took for the trip and we haven’t even got a chance to backup. He even only realized the lost phone until the next day. We both assumed it was left at the restaurant and went to garbage. 

I was craving for a white X’mas but it’s a wet X’mas here instead. This might be the warmest X’mas I ever had. You can see I still wear a blazer so you can imagine. I cannot wait for the boxing day shopping. Follow my instagram or blog if you are interested to see my finds. 

Happy Holidays my sweet friends!!!



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 Top: Club Monaco |  Jeans: Banana Republic (similar, also love this on sale)  |  Boots: UGGs |  Hat: Banana Republic |  Chain bag: Guess (alternative) |  Sunglasses: Roberto Cavalli

Happy Monday my friends! I thought I have made this outfit post already but just realized I did NOT. I sometimes am really lazy to update my blog but I tell myself have to keep it up, even no people comes see it. It’s very frustrating indeed but I just try to make this blogging thing become my habit so I can feel like I have something to do when home.

I pulled out this UGGs from my shoes rack finally. Honestly I haven’t touched them for at least 3-4 years. I used to not know how to pair up with my outfits and until lately I saw many bloggers wearing them on instagram. Then I start playing with them. I love this hat so much. I have been hunting a grey hat for so long. The first time I spotted it at Banana Republic, I literally couldn’t stop getting my hands off it.



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Sweater: Banana republic |  Jeans: Zara |  Slip-ons: Topshop |  Handbag: Louis Vuitton | Scarf: no brand   

2 weeks away until X’mas. Everyone’s mind has gone to holiday I know! Ha! Hope you have got your and your family’s gifts ready by now. For me, I am happy is just because I can get 4 days off in a row. 2 days ago I suddenly wanted to make a trip to Vegas to spend the time but when I checked the flight and hotel, the price is so high. I guess next time we have to plan earlier and not till last minute.

Winter has a high demand of sweater. I just bought this one from Banana Republic last week in downtown. I love the color b/c I don’t have one and it can be easily paired up with coats. The jeans are from my Black Friday shop in Zara. I have bought 3 pairs of jeans from Zara during the sale and hope to share more with you all ASAP. 

Thank you so so much for stopping by and hope you have a great night!




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Trench coat: Club Monaco (mine is no longer available on line, here is similar and this Burberry is absolutely my dream) |  Turtle neck: Club Monaco |  Jeans: Banana Republic (here and here similar now on sale) |  Shoes: Steve madden (old, love this one too) | Handbag: Louis Vuitton |  Lips: CHANEL Incandescent 97   

Hope everyone had a fabulous holiday! What did you guys get from the Thanksgiving deals? There was numerous amazing sales and just like everyone, I was busy with in store and online shopping since Thursday night. 

I actually bought this trench coat 2 months ago and I particularly purchased it for my trip. I assume this was the perfect outwear in Seoul as reports said that trench coat is suitable during that season (indeed NO!!!! ways warmer at local). I am so happy that I can finally wear it now!