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Long coat: Zara  (similar and similar) |  Turtle neck: Club Monaco |  Jeans: Topshop |  Shoes: Aldo (here, here similar)

To continue to post some great finds I bought at Zara. I love this coat so much! Not only the color but also the texture. It feels so soft and glossy and this color is so special which I barely can find. You will never go wrong with any long coat b/c it goes very easy to style. Even just a pair of sneakers will make you look so trendy. I wear a turtleneck sweater inside in order to stay warm under this low temp.

Happy mid-week dear friend!



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Sweater: Zara (similar) |  Cropped jumpsuit: Zara (love this one too on sale) |  Denim jacket: Zara |  Hat: Banana Republic (eyeing on this too) |  Sneakers: Adidas Superstar

This is to continue to show you some great finds I got from Zara’s year end sale. Once a while, I thought I should never wear wide legs pants like this but I was wrong. When I was browsing at Zara’s website, I was so thrilled to see this jumpsuit b/c I really love the mint tone. But in mean while, I didn’t know if I should order it since I thought there will be something wrong with me wearing this type of pants. End up I just did b/c it’s free shipping /return so if it doesn’t fit me, I will not lose money. The day that I received my order, I couldn’t wait to try it on and to my surprise, the size fits perfectly. I wore this repetitive sweater from my last post as the base and paired with this denim jacket which is also a great find at Zara. I love some vintage like so I threw on a felt hat.

Hope you will like my post and have a great weekend!




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Similar sweater | Similar skirt |  Similar coat |  Similar booties |  Tote: Rag & Bone |  Choker necklace: Banana Republic 

Since Zara started the year end sales, I bought a lot with good discount. This brand is my fav despite quality issue. Their casual look-like which is totally my style! This sweater is so easy to pair with and will never go wrong with. I have worn with a few different coats. This slit skirt is my first try. I love the color stripe when my first glance and the fun thing is when I got home, I found a absolutely same color choker to match with. I wear a pair of ankle sock with booties for a little of old school style. 



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 Lush Bubble Gum |  Tony Moly |  Fresh Sugar Lip Polish

It’s been a while since I talked about beauty I know! Sometimes I found it’s very hard to take those photos as my husband is not very good at taking closeup pictures from a appropriate angle indoor (haha sorry but not complaining). Of course I cannot handle my own as I don’t have extra hand to do it.

Anyway, today I am going to share the 3 brands of lips scrub that I am using. I find that it’s very important and a must to have lip exfoliation after applying lip sticks each single time. Not only because you feel better but also it helps deeply cleansing the lips to avoid color darkening. I always use lip sticks no matter with or without makeup so this is some works that I never skip.

OK! Here, first is the Lush Bubble gum. It smells so good and you can even swallow. Simply apply on lips and scrub gently for about 30 sec. This is not microbead and it’s more like some real sugar. It does remove all the lip color which you will find well cleaned when swipe with tissue; however you don’t find the lips extra glossy or moisture. But If you don’t demand too much or you just want to completely remove your lip colors, go for it! It’s reasonable price and good smell!

The next is Tony Moly. I bought this one when traveled in Seoul, Korea. It’s highly recommended and popular in local. The case looks so cute! And it’s very cheap (less than $8 after convert to Canadian dollars). I also just noticed that it’s also available at Sephora. This is like regular hand cream smell and I feel this is too creamy. This is microbead but when it contains way too much cream, it does not work very well to polish or deep clean enough. I had to combine this with Lush in order to ensure the color is wiped out. Honestly I did not use it any more as I think this is not too useful.

The last one is Fresh Sugar lip polish. THIS IS TRUELY MY FAV. It’s not just purely sweet like the Lush Bubble gum but with honey scent. I don’t know how to say, it’s just too complicated to describe but I love it so much! The bead is medium which I feel it cleans very evenly with just a small amount of that. It also soothes and moistures the skin and you won’t feel dry. It’s so refreshing after. I definitely love it! I recently received this set from my friend as Christmas gift which has a very good combination of lip products from Fresh. I have been using Fresh lip balms and polish since a few years and I am still in love. 

If you are using or suggesting any other lip scrub, please leave your comments and I would love to hear your opinions. Thanks for stopping by! 



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Sweater: Banana Republic (currently on sale) |  Jeans: Gap |  Booties: Aldo (old, here is similar) |  Hat: J.crew (similar and love this one too) |  Brooch: Chanel 

It’s just a coincidence that I wore all blue items on me that day! I love hat/beanie or what ever covers my hair! It not only makes the style look differently, but also save me from washing hair sometimes. (how lazy I am!) This turtleneck sweater is so cozy and it comes with 10 colours. It’s also on sale now which is a very good price! I am going to order another light color again. 

Hope you have a awesome week by far and Happy almost weekend my lovely friends! 




Sweater: H&M (similar) |  Jeans: Topshop |  Scarf: Goodnight Macaroon |  Ear muffs: Banana Republic |  Boots: UGG |  Gloves: Aritzia |  Lips: YSL 13- pink in paris 

Happy Weekend everyone! How was the week after winter break? It was tough for me as there was so much weird conditions at work daily. Crazy!… I was supposed to post this look Friday night but I was so busy and sleepy after arriving home so I skipped.

Finally it snowed and lots of snow! I really love shooting with snow as the purely white background makes it so much better. I wear many winter items today including scarf, furry boots and ear muffs. I love this scarf! So easy to pair with and warm. 

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HAPPY 2016!

IMG_1148IMG_1195 IMG_1189 IMG_1186 IMG_1178 IMG_1170 IMG_1162 IMG_1145Coat: Zara (mine is in grey which is sold out) |  Turtleneck: Club Monaco |  Jeans: Zara |  Shoes: Aldo |  Bag: from friend |  Sunglasses: Ray-ban 

Happy New Year dear friends! Hope you had a great holidays. I know you are not yet ready to be back on track for work. Neither am I… This is always my best time in a year!

There has been so much sales since November and I did buy a lot during the time. My all-the-time favourites are Zara, Banana Republic, Gap and Club Monaco. What are yours?

On New Year’s Eve, my hubby and I went to a Greek restaurant in Yaletown for dinner. After that, we went to Grand Villa Casino for countdown. The good thing is we won some money at the slot machine. It was not too much, like $20 something, but still feel awesome and fully satisfied. This is the 2nd or 3rd time we spent a countdown at Casino and it was so great! We just loved it. So how did you spend the New Year’s Eve?