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Striped: shein |  Shirt: Zara (old) |  Shorts: Zara (old, here and here similar) |  Shoes: New balance |  Handbag: Balenciaga |  formal gown: audressy |  Lips: Chanel 91 seduisante

Hope everyone is doing great! I was not well for the past week as I had a severe complications after I pulled my wisdom tooth. Huge pain, fever, dizziness, bruises on my cheek…. indescribable feelings and I couldn’t even work. A few years ago, I did 2 wisdom teeth extraction simultaneously but had no issue at all and fully recovered within 3 days. I don’t know what happened this time, it was just a nightmare for me and I am not going to pull my last wisdom tooth unless I have to.

I pulled my tooth on last Friday at the dental.  I got fever the same night till Monday. On Monday morning, I felt tremendous pain in my tooth and the pain even results earache and headache. My whole right head was freezing and hurting so badly. As well I was fainting throughout the day. Right away I called my dentist and told him my condition. He asked me to go to the office and after the examination, I was found a dry socket which said to be a rare case that happened to me for a upper tooth extraction. I was then treated with proper medication. It did relieved the pain immediately and went better gradually. 

Now is day 9 and I am 80% recovered. I decided to go out for shopping with my husband before we leave the town. We got some nice shopping today for ourselves and friends. We got 2 more weeks to go! Yay!