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I had a short trip with my family in Seattle for a couple of days. We had fun during this little getaway although it was exhausting as we walked a lot at many places. Vancouver and Seattle are very close by. After crossing border, our first stop is Premium Outlets in Marysville, WA, which is about 30 minutes away from Seattle downtown. We shop for 2 hours and I got nothing beside some photo shootings. Honestly the price is getting so high and it’s not worth to buy anything at all. So we decide to leave the place. We drive straight to Seattle downtown. We check-in at Sheraton and drop off all the carry-on belongings (We booked our hotel thru priceline and it’s such a good deal, yeah~). It ‘s already evening, we are starving so we look for food. I am craving for Asian food and we found a decent Asian fushion restaurant just a few blocks away from hotel. Food is tasty and I had the best ever jasmine white rice – very satisfied and full. We wander around to pike market after dinner to explore some nigh life fun of Seattle. Half an hour later every of us is very tired after the long day so we go back to hotel at 9 pm and take some rest.

The next morning after checking-out our hotel, we come to Fairmont Seattle for breakfast. It is classic vintage environment as other Fairmonts which I really love! The food portion is so big and none of us can finish the whole meal. Finish feeding our stomach, we are back to the pike place market again. I think I have a crush on the ferris wheels as I just cannot stop taking pictures of it. We walk along the harbour for about 1 hour and then head back to the shopping district. I am so in love with the downtown Norstrom as there are lots of luxury designers’ item I can never get enough. I am so excited to try this and that but end up with no luck. We continue to walk in other department stores and shopping malls and bought some reasonable priced clothings and stuff finally. It’s almost 5 pm and we decide to end the trip by driving back to Vancouver as Sunday nights are always busy at border. We are trying to avoid the peak time to save from the wait.

We are home safely and everything is smooth. Even thought I have been to Seattle many times but I treasure the moment I spent with my family during this little getaway! It really gives me some break to relax from the busy daily work. I am looking forward to my next trip and will share with you guys! Good night!



          P1020637P1020641 P1020602 P1020600 P1020631 P1020684 P1020677 Felt Hat: J. Crew (like this one too) | Sweater: Zara  |  Bottoms: Gap |  Scarf: Ebay |  Shoes: Madden Girl (similar) |  Handbag: Louis Vuitton (similar) |  Sunnies: Roberto Cavalli |  Lips: YSL – 11 Rose Culte

I don’t feel spring at all in Vancouver. It’s freezing cold still. Without the jacket, I have to throw a scarf to keep myself stay warm. I can wear my felt hat and don’t seem weird (Ha)! I really like winter in a way!



P1020456 P1020445P1020464 P1020511 P1020461 P1020459P1020539 TANKTOP: No brand, old |  SWEATER:  V Neck sweater (I also like this ) |  BOTTOMS: Gap, (similar) |  SHOES: Topshop (this is almost exactly the same) |  SUNNIES: Ray-ban clubmaster |  WATCH: Marc By Marc Jacob |  LIPS: Chanel  138 Fouguese   |  HANDBAG: YSL (similar here, here )

Hoping that everyone had a wonderful weekend! It’s my favorite again black and white from head to toes. I’m so in love with this sweater when I saw it on sheinside. I did not even think more than 10 seconds although I was hesitating the size. In fact I really wish it was bigger but unfortunately it comes with one size only. Recent weather is getting warm so I try not to wear jacket if possible since I always don’t want to put it on and off. Ripped jeans are still my priority regardless of season plus a pair of slip sneakers.



 P1020574 P1020578P1020311 P1020325 P1020321 P1020333 MYXJ_20150216211312_fastP1020379Primer: Sofina  |  Concealer: Bobbi Brown (warm sand)  |  Foundation: Chanel  |  Eyeshadow: Shiseido Maquillage (brown)  |  Eyeliner: Kiss me ($12 only) Eyebrow Powder: Bobbi Brown (colour 2)  |  brow set: M.A.C (be guile)  |  Loose Powder: Guerlain (02 Clair) |  Lips: Chanel  138 Fouguese

Today I am going to share my easy makeup which I normally use for a casual hang out or so. I am not a pro but I swear that every time I don’t spend over 20 minutes on enhancing myself in this way.

There is no doubt that first step is to clean your face completely. You know what? I don’t wash my face if I don’t put makeup in the morning – basically every workdays Mon-Fri. This has been almost 10 years…. My skin is dry so I feel even more comfortable when I don’t clean my face and apply moisturizer. Of course, I do it nightly before going bed. So now, after all the cleanup and lotions, apply primer. The Sofina Primavista is the best I have used. I bought it when I was in Taipei and it was only like under NT $300 (USD $10). It helps the skin stay moisture and luminous so that the foundation can be long lasting than usual. Second step is concealer, I am so in love with this Bobbi Brown pallete. It’s in combination of corrector, creamy concealer and pressed powder. This is my 3rd or 4th one already (thumb-up)! The next is foundation, I sometimes use BB cream but today I am lazy so I just go for this Chanel 2-way cake to save my time. I do like it however I really suggest Chanel should be more environmental friendly to offer re-fill when they decided to adapt this replaceable compact.

We are moving to the eyes part. Usually I just use my finger tips with shimmer white to cover my entire eyelid as the base then light coffee colour to outline in the centre since I don’t want my eyes smoky or seemed too much makeup. A quick touch-up like that would be fine. Then apply eyeliner right above the eyelashes. If anyone wants eyeliner with fine brush, this will not disappoint you. My eyelashes are short so I don’t bother wasting time on multi-layers of mascara to volume up and lengthening. Throwing fake lashes will be just a 10-second work. But I do use mascara on my lower lashes as it really makes difference. Don’t skip this even you are lazy like me. (ha!) Next will be eyebrows. I am very picky and strict on my brows so it really takes me longer time to complete (sounds weird?!) Most of time I use pencil to create the shape first and then put powder to make them look softer. This is my favorite one as it comes in two shades as well as a tweezers which is very thoughtful for me. Following I am ending my brows work with gel by combing back and forth to appear well-defined.

Hang on, I am not done yet. I am so addicted to the Guerlain Météorites. So even I know I might not need it when I have applied the compact powder, I just cannot go out without it as it’s making my face like 10 times radiant. I really LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Lastly, Put the light color on my lips and now I am ready to go!

P.S Please excuse the appearance on my opened cases. I know they look so messed up and dirty…. Thanks for reading my so many texts today and have a good night!





Valentine’s Day is almost here. Besides picking a dining restaurant, many of you are also struggling on what to wear on body and face.

I know most ladies tended to wear dress on this day but I personally prefer jumpsuit. Throwing a jacket on top looks so smart and more importantly, prevents from getting cold. Don’t forget to take a clutch with you! If your hands are busy with holding roses, get your boyfriend to carry the clutch for you. At least this leopard print purse will not make him seem awkward.

One colour that you cannot miss is RED. I would go for a pair of red heels as it makes a little more outstanding from the tops. This YSL doll kiss is 2 in 1 which is for both cheeks and lips – I highly recommend. I usually do not use blush but this one is very easy to blend and long-lasting. So if the day I choose it as my lip color, I would apply on my cheeks as well to reflect the same tone on my face.

The last thing not to forget is a refreshing smell – perfume. Spray on your wrist and neck will last longer, per rumor…. I am purely a considerate human being. I always take a travel size of the same perfume with me so that I can spray when I am outside and keep the same scent. My experience is, do not go sephora or department stores to buy perfume as they barely give out samples. I have been buying perfumes from Shoppers drug mart, Murale and other drug stores. If you meet nice SA and start talking pleasantly, they will give you samples/travel size with no problem. Click here for evidence. 

Happy Valentine’s Day in advance and wish you have a romantic night with another half!




Blazer: ZARA |  Sweater: ZARA WHITE  |  Bottom: ZARA RIPPED JEANS |  Heels: Nine West (HERE is similar) |  Lips: CHANEL Incandescent 97 |  Handbag: Guess Chain Clutch (mine is old, HERE is similar)

Tell me who does not have a blazer? Dare you?!I I am absolutely a blazer fan, especially during work days. Vancouver is really cold this week so I have to wear a knit sweater as the base. I want a casual look as usual ( I typically don’t like too elegant), therefore I paired with jeans. 



P1020119b P1020112a P1020104aP1020090aP1020074c P1020086aSHIRT: Zara Striped (old), here is similar  |  COAT: Zara winter coat, here similar on sale |   BOTTOMS: GAP boy friend jeans | SHOES: ALDO (now on sale) | HANDBAG: Balenciaga  |  LIPS: Chanel Incandescent 97 

Hello everyone! Today is my first time publishing my blog as well as my outfit post. I have been preparing for the shooting and picking the pieces from my wardrobe for a few days. However, I am still trying to figure out how to edit my page and photos in a proper and decent way. Please bare with me. I will be putting extra effort to make my blog look nicer.

Since long, I was in love with stripe shirts and I believe this is a classic piece that you will never go wrong – mine is very old which is from Zara’s last season but it’s not hard at all to find the style from any place. You can pair many colors of outer with this but the reason I pick this is just because I want all black, white and grey on me today. (^人^)