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I have always been wanting to go Los Angeles and finally we made it! I knew that L.A has so much to do and various attractions, but until we arrived, I did not notice there are even much more than I expected. I totally fall in love with the city.


Rent a car –

You will most likely need to rent a car when visiting L.A. This is such a huge city and everything not within walking distance. Public transit will be time consuming unless you are planning to rely on Uber (this should be the best option if you don’t have a valid driver’s licence or don’t feel like driving). I rent our car from Thrifty via Expedia. Just a tip that you can cancel the booking up to 6 hours before pick-up. I paid $280 for my initial booking but found a cheaper rate 2 weeks before my departure. I then cancelled it and rebooked which saved me $50 in total.

At time of pickup, we did not rent a GPS which costs $14/day. Since I always travel to the States with Roam Mobility, I could use google map on my smartphone as navigation. In case you didn’t know, Roam provides unlimited data and US/CANADA calls (base on the plan you select) which is cost effective and keeps you stay connected during the trip. I highly recommand it to my Canadian friends out there.


Where we stayed –

We stayed at Aventura Hotel which located in Ktown for the first 3 nights. I originally booked Chamberlain West Hollywood but since we rent a car and Chamberlain charges $40/day parking, I changed my mind until later on I found Aventura offers free parking which saved me over $100 (as in a way, I feel it doesn’t  really make sense to pay that much just to park the car). The room price itself is pretty much the same at cost of $200 ish per night (Chamberlain tends to be more expensive than that but seemed they had a sale when I booked). Aventura is less than 2-year old so it’s pretty new. Room is clean and newly renovated with free wifi and free parking. However it’s in a residential neighbourhood with no restaurant or super market around. Also, no view from the room when you can only see some old houses across.

The last 2 nights, we moved to Anaheim Marriott just to get closer to Disneyland when we spent our day there so that we can save time on traffic. No complaints for just a short stay, other than chargeable wifi but it didn’t bother me since we didn’t need it whilist I travelled with Roam as mentioned. 5 minutes drive to Disneyland and with restaurants close by.



Where we ate –

Honestly I planned a bunch of places to dine before our trip but ended up I was only to have 2 of them check-listed because either we are running late to schedule or the restaurant is fully booked. I am still so sad to have missed Alfred’s Coffee and the must-have burger place In-N-out! But follows are a shortlist of where we’ve been to.

My favourite restaurant I’ve been to this time was literally Ledlow. I noticed it from other bloggers’ checkin and I knew I have to visit because not only does the food look delicious but also this place is photogenic. Thankfully, it did not disappoint me! I had the best ever avocado toast and sandwich croissant in my life. I definitely will be coming back whenever I am in L.A and ordering everything on the menu! I couldn’t stop taking photos there as their interior is so photo perfect too.img_6691img_6671img_20160905_102435

On my last day, we went to Zinc Cafe & Market in DTLA. As previous, I got to know this place from Instagram. Somehow, I think this is just average and it did not really impress me. I was going to order the waffle which only serves in breakfast time but by the time we arrived, it’s on lunch menu so I didn’t have a chance to try. It was in an afternoon so we just ordered light plates – truffle fries and pizza. I don’t know why this is so popular – most likely, I didn’t order their signature dishes but I am not planning to come back or I will come back only when they serve Belgium waffles. I am a huge fan of Belgium waffles!img_20160908_200200lrm_export_20160912_163923

My first time having a lobster roll is at Albright. Locating at Santa Monica pier, I surely know it’s the right place to eat seafood. Their lobster roll is so good that you can never miss! Other people are also highly recommanding The Lobster which is one block ahead.


A bonus visit was Salt & Straw on Abbot Kinney in Venice area. It was introducted to me by my insta-friend. This place offers various fancy flavoured ice-cream and OMG, their scoops are HUGE! I still ate the whole one myself because it’s so good! They have seasonal flavours so you may try different things every time you visit.


After I am home, I am still drooling over the fries I had at Potato Corner. It is seriously DAMN GOOD! I am a high carb person and I love fries so much. I will never get tired of their bbq seasoning + fries combo. So I am going to look for this goodies whenever I am in US. P.S even it’s a franchise brand, I have never tried this place when most of you may have tried a million times. You can skip this if you knew it already!

20160903_145632 20160903_150820

This is my first ever travel diary and sorry if you find too much characters to read. Also it’s not a typical travel guide as I am just trying to share some moments and thoughts with you on my blog. The next post will be filled with more photos (less characters hopefully) as I will be rounding up with places that we’ve been to in L.A.

Lots of loves! xx



If you have short hair like me, once awhile, you feel like having long hair because all of sudden you want a feminine look. So here is the magic – extensions! Thanks to Irresistible Me who helps me save waiting at the salon to have my extentions done. Here I am going to show you how to turn my hair long instantly at home.

Before you order,

choose the colour and length you want.

img_7118 img_7119

Secondly, pick the weight, which refers to the thickness of the extensions. If you want more volume, you may go for heavier but since I have less voluminous hair, I went for the least weight which looks more natural on me.

img_7127 img_7121

How to apply,

Start with the extensions by clipping the top part of the hair so that they don’t fall.


Attach the extension to the middle part (here I use the biggest/widest clip for full volume).


Fill up the gap with the smaller clips on both sides. Just FYI, even it comes with a few smaller clips, I only use 2 of the smallest one (plus the full one) since I don’t want to look overwhelmed and prefer a natural look.

img_7288 img_7299

Done with the final look.


From behind. So silky and natural.


Full look.


Trust me. This is the best extension I have used so far. I have bought some bad quality extensions from night market for a couple of times but I never wanted to reuse them. They either went tangling up or getting loose so I felt so uncomfortable after wearing for a few hours. I still remember once, I was in an awkward situation when I had to take it off in the middle of my dinner (Lucky! There wasn’t any hot guy around). Irresistible me provides 100% human hair which you can repetitively use and wash. It creates a natural and silky finish look which you can wear them all day long without getting messy or greasy. The texture is so smooth and it’s also very easy to apply. Honestly, it takes me about 5 minutes every time only.

OKAY! I am going to play with them by styling different hair styles now and will have my new looks posted up ASAP! In the mean while, pls visit their website www.irresistableme.com for more details.

Last but not least, for those who celebrate Chinese festivals, Happy Mid-autumn day my loves! xx

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img_6021 img_6027 img_6043 img_6335 img_6346 img_6351 img_6281

Trench: Aritzia (similar here, here) |  Tee: Zara |  Shorts: Zara |  Jumper: Zara (similar) |  Sneakers: New Balance + Adidas 

Hi guys, Happy Friday! I am just back to home (I cannot believe it!). Time flies. Last week of today, I was still packing for our trip.

In a way, I am happy to be home so I am doing some blog updates which is this greeny trench coat worn in 2 ways. Hope you like it and have an amazing weekend! xx


IMG_6139 IMG_6147 IMG_6153 IMG_6166 IMG_6173 IMG_6211 IMG_6215

Blouse: H&M |  Shorts: Forever 21|  Shoes: Zara (similar) |  Belt: ASOS 

Happy hump day loves! I am so glad that summer is almost over. Is it weird when I say that? I am never a summer person and lucky that summer did not stay too long in my city this year. I just hate sweating all day long in the heatwave and getting burnt. Furthermore, in colder days I am able to layering my outfits which I feel so excited to play in my wardrobe . So what’s your favourite season?

Today I wear this lace-up top I bought from H&M (under $15, seriously cheap!) and pair up my recent favourite shoes which you can find my blog post here too. Throwing a western belt that just received from ASOS, adds a little metal theme to the outfit. 


IMG_5728 IMG_5789 IMG_5783 IMG_5778 IMG_5762 IMG_5751 IMG_5749

Strappy dress: Zara (similar and love this version too) |  Tee: Vera mode (similar, similar) |  Hat: Forever 21 |  Shoes: Zara (bought this on sale and love this one so much) |  Watch: Loft

First of all, thank you so much for your patience. It’s been a while since my last blog post. I switched my laptop to a macbook and it’s been taking me so long to learn how to import, edit and upload pictures. This look was actually shot pretty long time ago and I totally had no chance to share with you until now.

I love strappy dress. You can pair up with a tee like this look or wear it along when weather gets hotter. They create different types between casual and cool style. This is literally a summer essential of this year.

Lastly, I am flying over to Los Angeles in next 2 weeks. This is my very first time to visit this blogger’s city! Please kindly let me know food and attraction spots by leaving your comment below. I will be so excited to check out the places and thankful for your guide. xoxo


IMG_5804 IMG_5809 IMG_5815 IMG_5832 IMG_5860 IMG_5864 IMG_5884Denim: Zara (similar, similar) |  Tee: Zara (here, here similar) |  Skirt: H&M (similar, identical) |  Lace-up: Dolce Vita (flats version here) |  Nail: Revlon

Not a joke! It’s July and we still feel chilling. I do not hate somehow because that way I am able to throw a jacket without freaking out people. I love this suede skirt so much which I bought from H&M for $10 (YESSS, $10)! It also comes in black but I opted for a yellow one since I don’t seem to have this colour in my closet. 

Anyone else feels time flies? Cannot believe it’s already half year done but I am looking forward to X’mas because I love X’mas sale and parties. 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend~ xx


IMG_5476 IMG_5502 IMG_5508 IMG_5510 IMG_5514 IMG_5520 IMG_5524

Top: Banana Republic |  Bandana: here |  Jeans: Banana Republic |  Sunnies: Ray-ban 

Hope everyone is doing great so far. I know it has been a while since my last update but I strive to make it today!

As you can see, striped outfits are my constant love. This time, I am playing this off-shoulder with a bandana. 

Have a great rest of the week my loves! xx


IMG_4747 IMG_4756 IMG_4772 IMG_4780 IMG_4828 IMG_4812

T-shirt: Zara (here, here similar) |  Denim skirt: Topshop |  Jacket: Old (here, here similar) |  Bag: Saint Laurent |  Sneakers: Adidas superstar |  Watch: Cluse (shop here or here)

I am all time obsessed with button denim. I feel this is suitable for almost every body type. I love paring with sneakers to make it sporty casual! Happy weekend my all loved ones! xoxo



IMG_4334IMG_4329 IMG_4338 IMG_4364 IMG_4487 IMG_4491

Shirt: J Crew (similar) |  Jeans: Garage (here, here similar) |  Sneakers: Adidas |  Watch: Cluse

Finally I am back to blogging but on a different domain now! What happened was my previous website doreminotebook.com got terrible virus attacked which made me not able to edit or create any post even though I was still able to log-in. My technician and host told me that the virus has been hiding in many of my folders and using my email to send spam emails to people. I am so sorry if you are disturbed in this incident. Yesterday they gave me the suggestion which is to create another brand now domain (It would be still okay to use the previous one however the virus is extremely sneaky and we were not able to totally remove, it’s not safe to keep the old one).

I had a road trip to Seattle last weekend. This was probably the most delightful Seattle trip ever as my hubby bought so many clothing during the trip. Also, we had a delicious dinner at Loulay and the steak I ate there was possibly the best ever I had. Highly recommend this restaurant if you are in or going Seattle.