If you are following my blog, you should have seen my previous beauty blog about How I Turned Long Hair in Less Than 5 Min. Very easy and perfect for girls like me who has short hair but occasionally wants long hair. In case you are curious, I had long hair since elementary school and until 5 years ago, one day I woke up and thought I shall try out a short hair. #TBT my first short hair below which is the shortest I had in my life.


If you ask whether or not I have plan to grow out my hair. To be honest, No! One of the (very silly) reasons is that I don’t want to spend to much time on washing, blow drying my hair. Here is how my hair currently looks like.


Recently I am so obsessed with this hair extensions received from Irresistible Me. Like I said, sometimes I do want long hair just for fun or what ever reason. Being a short hair girl, the only thing can help you with “dream comes true” will be only extensions. You can click here if you want to see more of the product intro and tutorial. Here I am showing a few of the AFTERs which is naturally blending in my own hair.

lrm_export_20161008_195742 lrm_export_20161008_195833 lrm_export_20161008_195938 lrm_export_20161008_200033 20161008_212219 lrm_export_20161008_200616  lrm_export_20161008_200734 lrm_export_20161008_200936 lrm_export_20161008_201032  lrm_export_20161008_201230

FYI, my extensions are of 140 grams in 16 inches. There are different levels of length and various colours you can choose from. Since I don’t want too long but prefer a natural finish look, I went for 16 inches which is bra strap length on me like in the photos. This Pin is going to help you select your combo too or visit their website for more details.

Hope you like my new style and wish you all have a great week! xx


If you have short hair like me, once awhile, you feel like having long hair because all of sudden you want a feminine look. So here is the magic – extensions! Thanks to Irresistible Me who helps me save waiting at the salon to have my extentions done. Here I am going to show you how to turn my hair long instantly at home.

Before you order,

choose the colour and length you want.

img_7118 img_7119

Secondly, pick the weight, which refers to the thickness of the extensions. If you want more volume, you may go for heavier but since I have less voluminous hair, I went for the least weight which looks more natural on me.

img_7127 img_7121

How to apply,

Start with the extensions by clipping the top part of the hair so that they don’t fall.


Attach the extension to the middle part (here I use the biggest/widest clip for full volume).


Fill up the gap with the smaller clips on both sides. Just FYI, even it comes with a few smaller clips, I only use 2 of the smallest one (plus the full one) since I don’t want to look overwhelmed and prefer a natural look.

img_7288 img_7299

Done with the final look.


From behind. So silky and natural.


Full look.


Trust me. This is the best extension I have used so far. I have bought some bad quality extensions from night market for a couple of times but I never wanted to reuse them. They either went tangling up or getting loose so I felt so uncomfortable after wearing for a few hours. I still remember once, I was in an awkward situation when I had to take it off in the middle of my dinner (Lucky! There wasn’t any hot guy around). Irresistible me provides 100% human hair which you can repetitively use and wash. It creates a natural and silky finish look which you can wear them all day long without getting messy or greasy. The texture is so smooth and it’s also very easy to apply. Honestly, it takes me about 5 minutes every time only.

OKAY! I am going to play with them by styling different hair styles now and will have my new looks posted up ASAP! In the mean while, pls visit their website for more details.

Last but not least, for those who celebrate Chinese festivals, Happy Mid-autumn day my loves! xx

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 Denim Skirt |  Boots


 Sweater |  Shorts | Bag


Jeans | Sneakers |  Tote Bag


 Jeans |  Shoes |  Bag


Nail Polish |  Throw


Cup | Ipad Case |  Nail Polish


Sweatshirt (also bought the black and posted here) |  Scarf |  Jeans

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IMG_1821IMG_1819 IMG_1848 IMG_1850 IMG_1856 IMG_1857 IMG_1864 IMG_186120151228120608_IMG_1121_mh1453081323101

 Lush Bubble Gum |  Tony Moly |  Fresh Sugar Lip Polish

It’s been a while since I talked about beauty I know! Sometimes I found it’s very hard to take those photos as my husband is not very good at taking closeup pictures from a appropriate angle indoor (haha sorry but not complaining). Of course I cannot handle my own as I don’t have extra hand to do it.

Anyway, today I am going to share the 3 brands of lips scrub that I am using. I find that it’s very important and a must to have lip exfoliation after applying lip sticks each single time. Not only because you feel better but also it helps deeply cleansing the lips to avoid color darkening. I always use lip sticks no matter with or without makeup so this is some works that I never skip.

OK! Here, first is the Lush Bubble gum. It smells so good and you can even swallow. Simply apply on lips and scrub gently for about 30 sec. This is not microbead and it’s more like some real sugar. It does remove all the lip color which you will find well cleaned when swipe with tissue; however you don’t find the lips extra glossy or moisture. But If you don’t demand too much or you just want to completely remove your lip colors, go for it! It’s reasonable price and good smell!

The next is Tony Moly. I bought this one when traveled in Seoul, Korea. It’s highly recommended and popular in local. The case looks so cute! And it’s very cheap (less than $8 after convert to Canadian dollars). I also just noticed that it’s also available at Sephora. This is like regular hand cream smell and I feel this is too creamy. This is microbead but when it contains way too much cream, it does not work very well to polish or deep clean enough. I had to combine this with Lush in order to ensure the color is wiped out. Honestly I did not use it any more as I think this is not too useful.

The last one is Fresh Sugar lip polish. THIS IS TRUELY MY FAV. It’s not just purely sweet like the Lush Bubble gum but with honey scent. I don’t know how to say, it’s just too complicated to describe but I love it so much! The bead is medium which I feel it cleans very evenly with just a small amount of that. It also soothes and moistures the skin and you won’t feel dry. It’s so refreshing after. I definitely love it! I recently received this set from my friend as Christmas gift which has a very good combination of lip products from Fresh. I have been using Fresh lip balms and polish since a few years and I am still in love. 

If you are using or suggesting any other lip scrub, please leave your comments and I would love to hear your opinions. Thanks for stopping by! 



P1050292 P1050297 P1050298 P1050299 P1050301 P1050302


I will be off to my vacation this Saturday and I have been busy with packing up my travel essentials this week. Here this post is about what and how I packed my must-go stuff.

First – Do research about the weather and think what clothings I should bring with me. I am going to Seoul, Guangzhou, Singapore and Hong Kong. Seoul is my first stop and weather forecast says the temperature is between 18-25 cells degrees. Guangzhou and Hong Kong have similar weather so I have prepared some long sleeves as the base and some thin jackets as outters. Just like everyone knows that Singapore has only one season all year round so I have also picked some short sleeves and rompers for the trip.

Second – what makeup products do I need? You wouldn’t be wearing an exaggerating makeup during the vacation, so I am only just to pack the basic essentials – foundations, loose powder, eyeliner, mascara, lip sticks, eyebrow pencil and with only 1 pallete of eye shadow just in case. Most importantly, never forget about the sunscreen as you will be exposing to the sun for most of the day and I bet you don’t want any skin/health issue. I usually go nail salon to do mani/pedicure so I will skip the nail polish part. It’s much better as to saving the room of the luggage; also you don’t need to worry about chipping off.

Third – must- have daily skin cares. Cleanser, toner, face lotion, serum are mandatory. I know I will be shopping lots of masks in Seoul so I did not pack any with me. I also bring some travel size skin care so when I go from one place to another, I can just take those small packs to save the weight.

Others – Underwears, socks, shoes and emergency medications.

I am almost ready to go! I will be sharing my adventure with you soon. Stay tuned!



 P1020574 P1020578P1020311 P1020325 P1020321 P1020333 MYXJ_20150216211312_fastP1020379Primer: Sofina  |  Concealer: Bobbi Brown (warm sand)  |  Foundation: Chanel  |  Eyeshadow: Shiseido Maquillage (brown)  |  Eyeliner: Kiss me ($12 only) Eyebrow Powder: Bobbi Brown (colour 2)  |  brow set: M.A.C (be guile)  |  Loose Powder: Guerlain (02 Clair) |  Lips: Chanel  138 Fouguese

Today I am going to share my easy makeup which I normally use for a casual hang out or so. I am not a pro but I swear that every time I don’t spend over 20 minutes on enhancing myself in this way.

There is no doubt that first step is to clean your face completely. You know what? I don’t wash my face if I don’t put makeup in the morning – basically every workdays Mon-Fri. This has been almost 10 years…. My skin is dry so I feel even more comfortable when I don’t clean my face and apply moisturizer. Of course, I do it nightly before going bed. So now, after all the cleanup and lotions, apply primer. The Sofina Primavista is the best I have used. I bought it when I was in Taipei and it was only like under NT $300 (USD $10). It helps the skin stay moisture and luminous so that the foundation can be long lasting than usual. Second step is concealer, I am so in love with this Bobbi Brown pallete. It’s in combination of corrector, creamy concealer and pressed powder. This is my 3rd or 4th one already (thumb-up)! The next is foundation, I sometimes use BB cream but today I am lazy so I just go for this Chanel 2-way cake to save my time. I do like it however I really suggest Chanel should be more environmental friendly to offer re-fill when they decided to adapt this replaceable compact.

We are moving to the eyes part. Usually I just use my finger tips with shimmer white to cover my entire eyelid as the base then light coffee colour to outline in the centre since I don’t want my eyes smoky or seemed too much makeup. A quick touch-up like that would be fine. Then apply eyeliner right above the eyelashes. If anyone wants eyeliner with fine brush, this will not disappoint you. My eyelashes are short so I don’t bother wasting time on multi-layers of mascara to volume up and lengthening. Throwing fake lashes will be just a 10-second work. But I do use mascara on my lower lashes as it really makes difference. Don’t skip this even you are lazy like me. (ha!) Next will be eyebrows. I am very picky and strict on my brows so it really takes me longer time to complete (sounds weird?!) Most of time I use pencil to create the shape first and then put powder to make them look softer. This is my favorite one as it comes in two shades as well as a tweezers which is very thoughtful for me. Following I am ending my brows work with gel by combing back and forth to appear well-defined.

Hang on, I am not done yet. I am so addicted to the Guerlain Météorites. So even I know I might not need it when I have applied the compact powder, I just cannot go out without it as it’s making my face like 10 times radiant. I really LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Lastly, Put the light color on my lips and now I am ready to go!

P.S Please excuse the appearance on my opened cases. I know they look so messed up and dirty…. Thanks for reading my so many texts today and have a good night!





Valentine’s Day is almost here. Besides picking a dining restaurant, many of you are also struggling on what to wear on body and face.

I know most ladies tended to wear dress on this day but I personally prefer jumpsuit. Throwing a jacket on top looks so smart and more importantly, prevents from getting cold. Don’t forget to take a clutch with you! If your hands are busy with holding roses, get your boyfriend to carry the clutch for you. At least this leopard print purse will not make him seem awkward.

One colour that you cannot miss is RED. I would go for a pair of red heels as it makes a little more outstanding from the tops. This YSL doll kiss is 2 in 1 which is for both cheeks and lips – I highly recommend. I usually do not use blush but this one is very easy to blend and long-lasting. So if the day I choose it as my lip color, I would apply on my cheeks as well to reflect the same tone on my face.

The last thing not to forget is a refreshing smell – perfume. Spray on your wrist and neck will last longer, per rumor…. I am purely a considerate human being. I always take a travel size of the same perfume with me so that I can spray when I am outside and keep the same scent. My experience is, do not go sephora or department stores to buy perfume as they barely give out samples. I have been buying perfumes from Shoppers drug mart, Murale and other drug stores. If you meet nice SA and start talking pleasantly, they will give you samples/travel size with no problem. Click here for evidence. 

Happy Valentine’s Day in advance and wish you have a romantic night with another half!