Blouse: H&M |  Shorts: Garage |  Sandals: Aldo |  Handbag: Louis Vuitton |  Lips: 13- pink in paris |  Sunglasses: Ray-ban 

Hey, would you be surprised if I told you my whole set of outfits are no more than $50? Yes, this is NOT a joke, It’s real! I spotted some great deals last weekend at outlet. If you follow my instagram, you would already notice. 

This blouse was old that I have shared in my previous post here tho. The shorts are from Garage which was on sale for $7! Honestly I haven’t walked in this shop for a few years as I think their styles are pretty high school mode. I just randomly stopped by that day and I thought I heard wrong when she told me $7. I repeated twice to make sure it was not a misunderstanding. Ha! The sandals were also on sale for $25 with half off from original price. I knew I can never miss it. What a great deal! Do you agree?