P1020574 P1020578P1020311 P1020325 P1020321 P1020333 MYXJ_20150216211312_fastP1020379Primer: Sofina  |  Concealer: Bobbi Brown (warm sand)  |  Foundation: Chanel  |  Eyeshadow: Shiseido Maquillage (brown)  |  Eyeliner: Kiss me ($12 only) Eyebrow Powder: Bobbi Brown (colour 2)  |  brow set: M.A.C (be guile)  |  Loose Powder: Guerlain (02 Clair) |  Lips: Chanel  138 Fouguese

Today I am going to share my easy makeup which I normally use for a casual hang out or so. I am not a pro but I swear that every time I don’t spend over 20 minutes on enhancing myself in this way.

There is no doubt that first step is to clean your face completely. You know what? I don’t wash my face if I don’t put makeup in the morning – basically every workdays Mon-Fri. This has been almost 10 years…. My skin is dry so I feel even more comfortable when I don’t clean my face and apply moisturizer. Of course, I do it nightly before going bed. So now, after all the cleanup and lotions, apply primer. The Sofina Primavista is the best I have used. I bought it when I was in Taipei and it was only like under NT $300 (USD $10). It helps the skin stay moisture and luminous so that the foundation can be long lasting than usual. Second step is concealer, I am so in love with this Bobbi Brown pallete. It’s in combination of corrector, creamy concealer and pressed powder. This is my 3rd or 4th one already (thumb-up)! The next is foundation, I sometimes use BB cream but today I am lazy so I just go for this Chanel 2-way cake to save my time. I do like it however I really suggest Chanel should be more environmental friendly to offer re-fill when they decided to adapt this replaceable compact.

We are moving to the eyes part. Usually I just use my finger tips with shimmer white to cover my entire eyelid as the base then light coffee colour to outline in the centre since I don’t want my eyes smoky or seemed too much makeup. A quick touch-up like that would be fine. Then apply eyeliner right above the eyelashes. If anyone wants eyeliner with fine brush, this will not disappoint you. My eyelashes are short so I don’t bother wasting time on multi-layers of mascara to volume up and lengthening. Throwing fake lashes will be just a 10-second work. But I do use mascara on my lower lashes as it really makes difference. Don’t skip this even you are lazy like me. (ha!) Next will be eyebrows. I am very picky and strict on my brows so it really takes me longer time to complete (sounds weird?!) Most of time I use pencil to create the shape first and then put powder to make them look softer. This is my favorite one as it comes in two shades as well as a tweezers which is very thoughtful for me. Following I am ending my brows work with gel by combing back and forth to appear well-defined.

Hang on, I am not done yet. I am so addicted to the Guerlain Météorites. So even I know I might not need it when I have applied the compact powder, I just cannot go out without it as it’s making my face like 10 times radiant. I really LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Lastly, Put the light color on my lips and now I am ready to go!

P.S Please excuse the appearance on my opened cases. I know they look so messed up and dirty…. Thanks for reading my so many texts today and have a good night!