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 Sweatshirt: Noisy may (want this and this) |  Blouse: H&M |  Skirt: Zara (similar) |  Shoes: Zara (similar) |  Cap: Aritzia (I am so in love with this)

I remember I used to own a lot of sweater when I was a teen. At that time, I had no idea about mix and match or any paring technic. Every morning I wore an oversize sweatshirt and jeans for school and majority of schoolmates had similar outfits, and mostly black or white. Since I graduated from high school, I barely wear sweatshirt but now I am glad that it has made a big return lately! 

Sweatshirt could be versatile to pair with any outwear, jeans or skirt and it creates different style! Today I paired with a mini skirt and cap which has a mixture of sporty yet girly look. I also paired with a military jacket and jeans here the other day. 

I recently bought a few graphic sweatshirts and hope to share with you soon! Hope you enjoy the coming weekend dear friends!



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 Blazer: Zara (here, here similar) |  Sweater: Banana Republic |  Blouse: H&M |  Jeans: Topshop |  Heels: Nine West (here, here, here similar and great finds) |  Bag: Saint Laurent

Looks like I have a regular routine for a weekly Thursday blog update these days. I did not do this by purpose. I usually just do/am able to do it whenever I have time and coincidentally, I had Thursday available lately so… yea! 

I always love blazer b/c I love the way they look very classy and sophisticated. Have I mentioned to you that, I typically do not wear blazer to work. My job/employer does not require it nor would I spend too much time on paring up my outfits when I get up to work every day early in the morning. I prefer to wear it on a day off when I feel like having a little formal look when pair with some casual sweater/blouse underneath. I just think blazer and high heels are best friends too!

Hope you enjoy the almost weekend! 



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Khaki leather jacket: here, here similar |  T shirt: Cotton on |  Pants: Topshop (other colour) |  Slip ons: Sam Edelman (only black available here online now, similar and similar FOR UNDER $20)

Happy Midweek dear friends! Hope you are having a great week so far.

Today I am posting this khaki leather jacket. I love leather jacket but I don’t know why I don’t even have a BLACK one by now. I have been hunting for one for so long but never found one I really love. Sometimes I am indeed very picky but considering a black leather jacket is a very classic and timeless piece, I become extra cautious. Anyways, this khaki jacket has been my favourite outwear during spring/winter. It’s so stylish which you will never go wrong with.

This military green pants are so soft and comfy. A loose fit with slight pleat also gives a sporty style to the total look!



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 Coat: Zara (old, similar) |  Stripe shirt: Zara (similar) |  Jeans: Zara (identical on sale) |  Sneakers: New balance |  Bag: Saint Laurent |  Hat: Aritzia

Happy almost Friday loves! Today I am posting this military green jacket combo. I recently found wearing a cap becomes a trend so I paired it up with my outfits today which makes a little sporty chic. 

You might have noticed I had worn this jacket many times like here. This is a 2-way coats which comes with a detachable flurry layer. I love it so much as it can be worn with the fur in cold weather or without the layer during warmer days. It’s pretty diversified in terms of the style as well. A striped shirt/sweater is always my best love so put it on with a NB sneakers plus a cap. 










 Sweater: Banana Republic (sold out but here, here similar) |  Pants: Zara (similar) |  Loafer: Zara (this is on my list) |  Hat: Forever 21 |  Bag: Gifted (similar)

It’s about spring even though I think there is never spring in Vancouver. Tempt is indeed getting a bit higher and but it’s definitely my most hateful time throughout the year bc it’s a rainy season. It seems to be raining way too much lately which makes me gloomy.

I wore this sweater with pair up of this wide-leg pants. It feels so comfy – whenever I wear oversized outfits, it’s possibly the most comfortable and my favorite time. That day when I wore this pair of loafer, a couple of stranger on the street stopped me and asked where I got them. Haha, I was so excited to tell them I bought it last month at Zara for under $20!!! Yes! Under $20!!! They were like, omg, why did I never see them?! haha so funny! 




Tank top |  Coat |  Jeans |  Booties |  Sunglasses


Blazer |  Shirt |  Denim |  Heels |  Sunglasses


Sweater |  Jeans | Sunglasses


Sweater |  Military coat |  Boots |  Skirt

 Happy Friday dear friends! I know you are getting ready for the weekend as well as the Valentine’s day. I was slow on blogging this week so I am doing my first ever instragram recap. Hope you all like it and thanks for stopping by!



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Sweater: Club Monaco (cannot find online this is similar and I love this too) |  Tube Skirt: Zara (similar) |  Slip-on: Topshop |  Beanie: Gap (similar) |  Handbag: Saint Laurent

Happy Sunday which is also Chines New Year’s Eve today! We got so much to do this weekend to eat with different groups of friends and family. I definitely gained a few pounds after eating so much lately.

I’ve been a tube skirt lover even I don’t own many of them but I love how stylish they are and easy to pair with. I am also eyeing on this one which with a side slit that looks so edgy and cool. I am going to hunt for more different colors to style. 



IMG_2037 IMG_2038 IMG_2053 IMG_2060IMG_2034 IMG_2066

Coat: old (here, here similar) |  Sweater: Zara (similar) |  Leggings: Topshop |  Booties: Aldo (eyeing on this lately) |  Bag: Louis Vuitton 

Hi everyone! This was supposed to be posted yesterday but being hardly attacked by virus I was so reluctant moving around. Today I just told myself not to delay any more so here it is finally. Hope you love the look even though I am struggling typing too much.






IMG_1980 IMG_1984 IMG_1992 IMG_1994 IMG_2000 IMG_2002

Long coat: Zara  (similar and similar) |  Turtle neck: Club Monaco |  Jeans: Topshop |  Shoes: Aldo (here, here similar)

To continue to post some great finds I bought at Zara. I love this coat so much! Not only the color but also the texture. It feels so soft and glossy and this color is so special which I barely can find. You will never go wrong with any long coat b/c it goes very easy to style. Even just a pair of sneakers will make you look so trendy. I wear a turtleneck sweater inside in order to stay warm under this low temp.

Happy mid-week dear friend!



IMG_1940IMG_1896 IMG_1900 IMG_1914 IMG_1920 IMG_1928IMG_1932 IMG_1952

Sweater: Zara (similar) |  Cropped jumpsuit: Zara (love this one too on sale) |  Denim jacket: Zara |  Hat: Banana Republic (eyeing on this too) |  Sneakers: Adidas Superstar

This is to continue to show you some great finds I got from Zara’s year end sale. Once a while, I thought I should never wear wide legs pants like this but I was wrong. When I was browsing at Zara’s website, I was so thrilled to see this jumpsuit b/c I really love the mint tone. But in mean while, I didn’t know if I should order it since I thought there will be something wrong with me wearing this type of pants. End up I just did b/c it’s free shipping /return so if it doesn’t fit me, I will not lose money. The day that I received my order, I couldn’t wait to try it on and to my surprise, the size fits perfectly. I wore this repetitive sweater from my last post as the base and paired with this denim jacket which is also a great find at Zara. I love some vintage like so I threw on a felt hat.

Hope you will like my post and have a great weekend!