P1040675P1040672 P1040683 P1040679 P1040677 P1040676 P1040673

 Denim shirt: DKNY (similar, similar) |  Jeans: American Eagle |  Sneakers: Superstar |  Handbag: Yesstyle |  Sunglasses: Ray-ban |  Lips: YSL- 13 pink in paris

Denim shirt on denim skinny jeans plus Adidas Superstars.

No doubt that denim jeans are my all-time favorite, easy to pair and classic. This denim shirt can be worn as outer or base so today I wear a tank top underneath. Not sure if anyone noticed I wear the superstars sneakers. Finally I bought it! (yay!~) Do you know it’s so hard to find it? My size is sold out everywhere. I was carving for the stan smith and superstars but seems smith is a bit more popular and barely found in stores with various sizes. 



P1040276P1040283P1040467 P1040456P1040462 P1040434 P1040430 P1040421 P1040411 P1040403 P1040398 P1040384 P1040357 P1040324P1040461Overalls: Urban outfitter (old, love this & this) |  Shirt: H&M |  Hat: J-crew |  Shoes: Converse |  Lips: YSL- 13 pink in paris |  Clutch: Guess (old, similar

Sorry for the late post. If you follow me on instagram, you would notice the trip was actually from last Saturday. I am kind of late recently(oops~~~)!

I really want to post all the photos I took in the field. It’s just incredibly gorgeous! But that doesn’t seem to be possible so it took me so long to pick them. I don’t want to miss any great shots I love the best.

This is Skagit Valley in Vermount, WA which is about 40 minutes after the border at Blaine. We drove appx. 80 minutes from home which is not bad and it’s totally worth! We are a little bit late this year as the blooming time should start at the beginning of April for 2 weeks. We came on the 3rd week so almost half of the field was gone. But it still looks beautiful! Next year we will come earlier for sure.



P1040210 P1040221 P1040220 MYXJ_20150414221122_saveP1040190 P1040203

Sweater: Banana Republic |  Jeans: Gap |  Slip-on: Topshop (similar) |  Handbag: Louis Vuitton |  Sunglasses:  Ray-ban |  Lips: YSL – 11 Rose Culte |  Ring: Baublebar |  Cuff: Express

It might be ironic to wear a turtle neck at this time if you saw my last post which was already in short sleeves. Thanks to this unpredictable/unstable weather. Every morning, I have to stay at balcony for couple of minutes to feel it and decide what to wear for the day.

This turtle neck is new in which I found on sale at Banana Republic. I really like this colour as it relays between like blue and grey. The material is so comfy too so I can just wear without tank top inside as sometimes sweaters are itching.


P1040004 P1030975a P1030945 P1030934 P1030930

 Jumper: Zara (here & here similar) |  Hat: J-crew (like this one too) |  Heels: Nine West (old, similar) |  Sunglasses: Roberto Cavalli |  Lips: YSL – 11 Rose Culte (seems like this color is sold out everywhere) |  Handbag: Louis Vuitton

I was shivering when taking these photo shots. I wore this summer outfit during this windy day. I didn’t expect 65 degree, per weather report feels like this.

I am continuing to wear a one piece jumper. (Last post, I did mention I am a jumper fan), but without any outwear today. Actually I brought a blanket scarf with me and left it in my car. I was in rush to meet up with friends but I woke up too late. I did not have time to wash my hair so I just threw on the hat. Sometimes I think it’s a good idea to wear hat if to skip the shampoo. 



acopy P1030877 P1030864 copy P1030815 b

Jumpsuit: Zara (old, here, here similar) |  Blazer: Zara (similar) |  Heels: Zara (old, similar) |  Clutch: Vince (stole from Mom, here & here similar) |  Sunglasses: Roberto Cavalli 

I am making a jumpsuit return today. I really like jumpsuits as it comes in one piece from top to bottom which I don’t need to think too much about paring and feel comfy. However in a way, it’s a little bit inconvenient when you need to take off in washroom or something. This one is very old, about a few years from Zara, but I still keep it since it’s not easy to find a suitable jumper for myself.

I was initially planning to wear a black blazer but I wanted to make it not too dark so I changed to a sky blue one and paired up with heels in similar color. Btw, the clutch is from my Mom. Honestly, I don’t even have my own clutch. I have been eyeing on a few but I just think it’s not too useful and worth. Spending over $1,000 on a small pouch is not a wise decision. P:)

Thank you everyone for reading and hope you guys have a great weekend! 




P1030708 P1030678 P1030749 P1030640 P1030683 P1030691 P1030650Shirt: H&M |  Trousers: Zara (here is similar) |  Hat: J.Crew |  Flats: Browns (old, here is similar) |  Hanbag: Yesstyle |  Sunglasses: Ray-ban |  Lips: YSL (13 Pink in Paris) |  Nails: YSL (49 Rouge Pablo) |  Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Please excuse me without makeup today, I already wore sunglasses to cover my sleepy face. It’s so windy even it’s supposed to feel warmer in spring. But in fact, I still turn on my heater at home (don’t you think it’s crazy?) I don’t know what convinced me to just wear a thin shirt that like this but I decided to be a bravo just to show you my spring mood.

I used to like chinos so much but in the past half year or up, I almost wore jeans with no exceptions. It’s time to make a return! While I want myself look not too simple, I threw on a hat, which the color tone is just literally matching my outfits.





P1030558P1030549P1030595P1030576P1030577P1030564P1030540P1030582Coat: Zara (here, here similar) |  Shirt: Zara (here, here similar) |  Jeans: GAP |  Sneakers: New Balance |  Handbag: YSL |  Sunglasses: Ray-ban |  Lips: Shiseido-Diva

I think it’s almost the last few weeks of wearing coats. Although I prefer not to, no doubt it’s always the best piece to give your outfit a pop-up. I am repeating this striped shirt from last post. Today is kind of sporty casual style, so I paired up with New Balance sneakers. Hope this is not too late to wear in this way. lol~~~

Sent on a Saturday night and thanks so much for reading! Have a great weekend my friends! 




P1030348P1030314 P1030327 P1030283 P1030225 P1030205Shirt: ZARA (herehere similar) |  Jacket: H&M (here, here similar) |  Pants: Banana Republic |  Shoes: Converse |  Handbag: Guess (mine is old, here is similar) |  Sunglasses: Ray-ban |  Lips: Chanel – light rose 

Sorry guys! I lied about something in my last post which I was unable to show you the gorgeous cherry blossoms shots. I have been very busy lately. Please understand that I have a full time working shift (trying to find an excuse, huh?!).

I am continuing to wear my striped shirt as this is my all time favorite with no reason. It’s so comfy and easy to pair with. I am inspired by many other bloggers recently styled with parka jackets so I decided to wear this navy parka. As a matter of fact, I can barely find thinner jackets in my closet since usually I just don’t wear it when in this kind of 60 degree weather. 



P1030161 P1030155 P1030120 P1030096 P1030100 P1030105P1030095

Sweater: H&M (I also love this) |  Bottoms: Banana Republic |  Sunnies: Tom Ford |  Handbag: Louis Vuitton (similar) |  Shoes: Steve Madden |  Lips: YSL (13 Pink In Paris) |  

Almost Say good-bye to winter sadly – Yes winter is my favourite season (many of you may disagree?)!!! But as you can see the view is so nice with green fields and cherry blossoms everywhere. Wow, It’s so refreshing and I really indulge in the scene. I started to fall in love with spring by surrounding in here. Nevertheless, I got less chance to wear BLACK as we definitely need some more spring tone to catch up with the season. Argh~ gotta get my wallet and credit card ready again!

Sorry that I was not able to update my blog regularly as this week I was fed up with appointments and being busy. Next week, I plan to go Vancouver west to take photo shootings. There are the most amazing cherry blossoms views on earth that you can never miss. Stay tuned! Btw, I was looking for a new camera with good lenses. Any suggestions? Thanks guys!