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Sweater: H&M (I also love this) |  Bottoms: Banana Republic |  Sunnies: Tom Ford |  Handbag: Louis Vuitton (similar) |  Shoes: Steve Madden |  Lips: YSL (13 Pink In Paris) |  

Almost Say good-bye to winter sadly – Yes winter is my favourite season (many of you may disagree?)!!! But as you can see the view is so nice with green fields and cherry blossoms everywhere. Wow, It’s so refreshing and I really indulge in the scene. I started to fall in love with spring by surrounding in here. Nevertheless, I got less chance to wear BLACK as we definitely need some more spring tone to catch up with the season. Argh~ gotta get my wallet and credit card ready again!

Sorry that I was not able to update my blog regularly as this week I was fed up with appointments and being busy. Next week, I plan to go Vancouver west to take photo shootings. There are the most amazing cherry blossoms views on earth that you can never miss. Stay tuned! Btw, I was looking for a new camera with good lenses. Any suggestions? Thanks guys!