If you have short hair like me, once awhile, you feel like having long hair because all of sudden you want a feminine look. So here is the magic – extensions! Thanks to Irresistible Me who helps me save waiting at the salon to have my extentions done. Here I am going to show you how to turn my hair long instantly at home.

Before you order,

choose the colour and length you want.

img_7118 img_7119

Secondly, pick the weight, which refers to the thickness of the extensions. If you want more volume, you may go for heavier but since I have less voluminous hair, I went for the least weight which looks more natural on me.

img_7127 img_7121

How to apply,

Start with the extensions by clipping the top part of the hair so that they don’t fall.


Attach the extension to the middle part (here I use the biggest/widest clip for full volume).


Fill up the gap with the smaller clips on both sides. Just FYI, even it comes with a few smaller clips, I only use 2 of the smallest one (plus the full one) since I don’t want to look overwhelmed and prefer a natural look.

img_7288 img_7299

Done with the final look.


From behind. So silky and natural.


Full look.


Trust me. This is the best extension I have used so far. I have bought some bad quality extensions from night market for a couple of times but I never wanted to reuse them. They either went tangling up or getting loose so I felt so uncomfortable after wearing for a few hours. I still remember once, I was in an awkward situation when I had to take it off in the middle of my dinner (Lucky! There wasn’t any hot guy around). Irresistible me provides 100% human hair which you can repetitively use and wash. It creates a natural and silky finish look which you can wear them all day long without getting messy or greasy. The texture is so smooth and it’s also very easy to apply. Honestly, it takes me about 5 minutes every time only.

OKAY! I am going to play with them by styling different hair styles now and will have my new looks posted up ASAP! In the mean while, pls visit their website for more details.

Last but not least, for those who celebrate Chinese festivals, Happy Mid-autumn day my loves! xx

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