felt hat


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Sweater: Zara (similar) |  Cropped jumpsuit: Zara (love this one too on sale) |  Denim jacket: Zara |  Hat: Banana Republic (eyeing on this too) |  Sneakers: Adidas Superstar

This is to continue to show you some great finds I got from Zara’s year end sale. Once a while, I thought I should never wear wide legs pants like this but I was wrong. When I was browsing at Zara’s website, I was so thrilled to see this jumpsuit b/c I really love the mint tone. But in mean while, I didn’t know if I should order it since I thought there will be something wrong with me wearing this type of pants. End up I just did b/c it’s free shipping /return so if it doesn’t fit me, I will not lose money. The day that I received my order, I couldn’t wait to try it on and to my surprise, the size fits perfectly. I wore this repetitive sweater from my last post as the base and paired with this denim jacket which is also a great find at Zara. I love some vintage like so I threw on a felt hat.

Hope you will like my post and have a great weekend!




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Sweater: Banana Republic (currently on sale) |  Jeans: Gap |  Booties: Aldo (old, here is similar) |  Hat: J.crew (similar and love this one too) |  Brooch: Chanel 

It’s just a coincidence that I wore all blue items on me that day! I love hat/beanie or what ever covers my hair! It not only makes the style look differently, but also save me from washing hair sometimes. (how lazy I am!) This turtleneck sweater is so cozy and it comes with 10 colours. It’s also on sale now which is a very good price! I am going to order another light color again. 

Hope you have a awesome week by far and Happy almost weekend my lovely friends!