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 Sweater: Club Monaco |  Shirt: J.Crew |  Jeans: Topshop |  Sneakers: Nike |  Denim: Gap |  Sunglasses: Ray-ban |  Handbag: Ralph Lauren (I stole this from Mom and here is similar) 

Hope everyone had a wonderful holidays! So sad that Santa has gone for the year but there will be New Year’s Day coming up very soon. We spent Christmas day with our families. We had a delicious X’mas dinner. 

Have you opened your X’mas gifts? Did you get something you really love or have been always wanting? I got many gift cards which is very useful for myself and besides that, ways too much chocolates. I must go back to gym some time next week.

I wear this sweater which I found at Club Monaco last week. It comes with 2 colours – white and navy and it was so hard for me to choose in between. Since this is a little bit too short for me so I wear a shirt as bottom. When I stay outdoor, I threw on a denim jacket to keep warmer but overall, this is not a COLD Christmas.