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 Lush Bubble Gum |  Tony Moly |  Fresh Sugar Lip Polish

It’s been a while since I talked about beauty I know! Sometimes I found it’s very hard to take those photos as my husband is not very good at taking closeup pictures from a appropriate angle indoor (haha sorry but not complaining). Of course I cannot handle my own as I don’t have extra hand to do it.

Anyway, today I am going to share the 3 brands of lips scrub that I am using. I find that it’s very important and a must to have lip exfoliation after applying lip sticks each single time. Not only because you feel better but also it helps deeply cleansing the lips to avoid color darkening. I always use lip sticks no matter with or without makeup so this is some works that I never skip.

OK! Here, first is the Lush Bubble gum. It smells so good and you can even swallow. Simply apply on lips and scrub gently for about 30 sec. This is not microbead and it’s more like some real sugar. It does remove all the lip color which you will find well cleaned when swipe with tissue; however you don’t find the lips extra glossy or moisture. But If you don’t demand too much or you just want to completely remove your lip colors, go for it! It’s reasonable price and good smell!

The next is Tony Moly. I bought this one when traveled in Seoul, Korea. It’s highly recommended and popular in local. The case looks so cute! And it’s very cheap (less than $8 after convert to Canadian dollars). I also just noticed that it’s also available at Sephora. This is like regular hand cream smell and I feel this is too creamy. This is microbead but when it contains way too much cream, it does not work very well to polish or deep clean enough. I had to combine this with Lush in order to ensure the color is wiped out. Honestly I did not use it any more as I think this is not too useful.

The last one is Fresh Sugar lip polish. THIS IS TRUELY MY FAV. It’s not just purely sweet like the Lush Bubble gum but with honey scent. I don’t know how to say, it’s just too complicated to describe but I love it so much! The bead is medium which I feel it cleans very evenly with just a small amount of that. It also soothes and moistures the skin and you won’t feel dry. It’s so refreshing after. I definitely love it! I recently received this set from my friend as Christmas gift which has a very good combination of lip products from Fresh. I have been using Fresh lip balms and polish since a few years and I am still in love. 

If you are using or suggesting any other lip scrub, please leave your comments and I would love to hear your opinions. Thanks for stopping by!