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Blouse: H&M |  Shorts: Forever 21|  Shoes: Zara (similar) |  Belt: ASOS 

Happy hump day loves! I am so glad that summer is almost over. Is it weird when I say that? I am never a summer person and lucky that summer did not stay too long in my city this year. I just hate sweating all day long in the heatwave and getting burnt. Furthermore, in colder days I am able to layering my outfits which I feel so excited to play in my wardrobe . So what’s your favourite season?

Today I wear this lace-up top I bought from H&M (under $15, seriously cheap!) and pair up my recent favourite shoes which you can find my blog post here too. Throwing a western belt that just received from ASOS, adds a little metal theme to the outfit. 


IMG_5728 IMG_5789 IMG_5783 IMG_5778 IMG_5762 IMG_5751 IMG_5749

Strappy dress: Zara (similar and love this version too) |  Tee: Vera mode (similar, similar) |  Hat: Forever 21 |  Shoes: Zara (bought this on sale and love this one so much) |  Watch: Loft

First of all, thank you so much for your patience. It’s been a while since my last blog post. I switched my laptop to a macbook and it’s been taking me so long to learn how to import, edit and upload pictures. This look was actually shot pretty long time ago and I totally had no chance to share with you until now.

I love strappy dress. You can pair up with a tee like this look or wear it along when weather gets hotter. They create different types between casual and cool style. This is literally a summer essential of this year.

Lastly, I am flying over to Los Angeles in next 2 weeks. This is my very first time to visit this blogger’s city! Please kindly let me know food and attraction spots by leaving your comment below. I will be so excited to check out the places and thankful for your guide. xoxo


IMG_3760 IMG_3756 IMG_3755 IMG_3751 IMG_3750 IMG_3762Trench Coat: Club Monaco |  Blouse: Gap |  Pants: Zara (similar) |  Slip on: Sam Edelman

I am hoping to have more trench coats in my closet. I need a grey, black b/c I love trench so much! Paring with wide leg pants are comfy chic! Thanks for stopping by my love ones! xx 


IMG_3545 IMG_3537 IMG_3543 IMG_3567 IMG_3571 IMG_3575Top: Gap (love this and this similar) |  Denim Jacket: Gap | Jeans: Zara (similar) |  Bandana: ASOS |  Slip-on: Sam Edelmen (here, here similar) |  Bag: Balenciaga

I am sure bandana rave has been awhile but I was kind of shying away from it because, #1, when I wear something around my neck, my face look rounder. (I know how I look like when wearing turtleneck or scarf, but I don’t care since I love them too much to complain). #2, I really don’t know how to style myself with this “funny” thing. But things changed after I saw many of my insta besties made the fabulous bandana demonstration, I just decided to give myself a chance.

Side note, my favourite girls met through Instagram, like Raysa, Ashley, have been so inspiring to me. (They were also the first girls that I interacted with when I just started IG). Thanks to instagram and blogging! Getting to know friends to talk about common things we love is awesome!










 Sweater: Banana Republic (sold out but here, here similar) |  Pants: Zara (similar) |  Loafer: Zara (this is on my list) |  Hat: Forever 21 |  Bag: Gifted (similar)

It’s about spring even though I think there is never spring in Vancouver. Tempt is indeed getting a bit higher and but it’s definitely my most hateful time throughout the year bc it’s a rainy season. It seems to be raining way too much lately which makes me gloomy.

I wore this sweater with pair up of this wide-leg pants. It feels so comfy – whenever I wear oversized outfits, it’s possibly the most comfortable and my favorite time. That day when I wore this pair of loafer, a couple of stranger on the street stopped me and asked where I got them. Haha, I was so excited to tell them I bought it last month at Zara for under $20!!! Yes! Under $20!!! They were like, omg, why did I never see them?! haha so funny! 



IMG_2037 IMG_2038 IMG_2053 IMG_2060IMG_2034 IMG_2066

Coat: old (here, here similar) |  Sweater: Zara (similar) |  Leggings: Topshop |  Booties: Aldo (eyeing on this lately) |  Bag: Louis Vuitton 

Hi everyone! This was supposed to be posted yesterday but being hardly attacked by virus I was so reluctant moving around. Today I just told myself not to delay any more so here it is finally. Hope you love the look even though I am struggling typing too much.





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Similar sweater | Similar skirt |  Similar coat |  Similar booties |  Tote: Rag & Bone |  Choker necklace: Banana Republic 

Since Zara started the year end sales, I bought a lot with good discount. This brand is my fav despite quality issue. Their casual look-like which is totally my style! This sweater is so easy to pair with and will never go wrong with. I have worn with a few different coats. This slit skirt is my first try. I love the color stripe when my first glance and the fun thing is when I got home, I found a absolutely same color choker to match with. I wear a pair of ankle sock with booties for a little of old school style. 


HAPPY 2016!

IMG_1148IMG_1195 IMG_1189 IMG_1186 IMG_1178 IMG_1170 IMG_1162 IMG_1145Coat: Zara (mine is in grey which is sold out) |  Turtleneck: Club Monaco |  Jeans: Zara |  Shoes: Aldo |  Bag: from friend |  Sunglasses: Ray-ban 

Happy New Year dear friends! Hope you had a great holidays. I know you are not yet ready to be back on track for work. Neither am I… This is always my best time in a year!

There has been so much sales since November and I did buy a lot during the time. My all-the-time favourites are Zara, Banana Republic, Gap and Club Monaco. What are yours?

On New Year’s Eve, my hubby and I went to a Greek restaurant in Yaletown for dinner. After that, we went to Grand Villa Casino for countdown. The good thing is we won some money at the slot machine. It was not too much, like $20 something, but still feel awesome and fully satisfied. This is the 2nd or 3rd time we spent a countdown at Casino and it was so great! We just loved it. So how did you spend the New Year’s Eve?