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I will be off to my vacation this Saturday and I have been busy with packing up my travel essentials this week. Here this post is about what and how I packed my must-go stuff.

First – Do research about the weather and think what clothings I should bring with me. I am going to Seoul, Guangzhou, Singapore and Hong Kong. Seoul is my first stop and weather forecast says the temperature is between 18-25 cells degrees. Guangzhou and Hong Kong have similar weather so I have prepared some long sleeves as the base and some thin jackets as outters. Just like everyone knows that Singapore has only one season all year round so I have also picked some short sleeves and rompers for the trip.

Second – what makeup products do I need? You wouldn’t be wearing an exaggerating makeup during the vacation, so I am only just to pack the basic essentials – foundations, loose powder, eyeliner, mascara, lip sticks, eyebrow pencil and with only 1 pallete of eye shadow just in case. Most importantly, never forget about the sunscreen as you will be exposing to the sun for most of the day and I bet you don’t want any skin/health issue. I usually go nail salon to do mani/pedicure so I will skip the nail polish part. It’s much better as to saving the room of the luggage; also you don’t need to worry about chipping off.

Third – must- have daily skin cares. Cleanser, toner, face lotion, serum are mandatory. I know I will be shopping lots of masks in Seoul so I did not pack any with me. I also bring some travel size skin care so when I go from one place to another, I can just take those small packs to save the weight.

Others – Underwears, socks, shoes and emergency medications.

I am almost ready to go! I will be sharing my adventure with you soon. Stay tuned!