P1040276P1040283P1040467 P1040456P1040462 P1040434 P1040430 P1040421 P1040411 P1040403 P1040398 P1040384 P1040357 P1040324P1040461Overalls: Urban outfitter (old, love this & this) |  Shirt: H&M |  Hat: J-crew |  Shoes: Converse |  Lips: YSL- 13 pink in paris |  Clutch: Guess (old, similar

Sorry for the late post. If you follow me on instagram, you would notice the trip was actually from last Saturday. I am kind of late recently(oops~~~)!

I really want to post all the photos I took in the field. It’s just incredibly gorgeous! But that doesn’t seem to be possible so it took me so long to pick them. I don’t want to miss any great shots I love the best.

This is Skagit Valley in Vermount, WA which is about 40 minutes after the border at Blaine. We drove appx. 80 minutes from home which is not bad and it’s totally worth! We are a little bit late this year as the blooming time should start at the beginning of April for 2 weeks. We came on the 3rd week so almost half of the field was gone. But it still looks beautiful! Next year we will come earlier for sure.