JUMPSUIT: ZARA |  HEELS: VALENTINO |  CLUTCH:  CLARE V.  | Wigs:  addcolo|  Dress: Dressmelody|  PERFUME: DIOR

Valentine’s Day is almost here. Besides picking a dining restaurant, many of you are also struggling on what to wear on body and face.

I know most ladies tended to wear a dress on this day but I personally prefer jumpsuit. Throwing a jacket on top looks so smart and more importantly, prevents from getting cold. Don’t forget to take a clutch with you! If your hands are busy with holding roses, get your boyfriend to carry the clutch for you. At least this leopard print purse will not make him seem awkward.

One colour that you cannot miss is RED. I would go for a pair of red heels as it makes a little more outstanding from the tops. This YSL doll kiss is 2 in 1 which is for both cheeks and lips – I highly recommend. I usually do not use blush but this one is very easy to blend and long-lasting. So if the day I choose it as my lip color, I would apply on my cheeks as well to reflect the same tone on my face.

The last thing not to forget is a refreshing smell – perfume. Spray on your wrist and neck will last longer, per rumor…. I am purely a considerate human being. I always take a travel size of the same perfume with me so that I can spray when I am outside and keep the same scent. My experience is, do not go sephora or department stores to buy perfume as they barely give out samples. I have been buying perfumes from Shoppers drug mart, Murale and other drug stores. If you meet nice SA and start talking pleasantly, they will give you samples/travel size with no problem. Click here for evidence. 

Happy Valentine’s Day in advance and wish you have a romantic night with another half!